could not you make it better?

I am trying to record one guitar and my voice

I go to device set up and vst connections , can’t figure it out

Sounds like some good song lyrics. I like how you even put the background vocals in parentheses. Nice touch! :slight_smile:

Ha! Scab that was too funny! :smiley:

The setup for recording happens in this order: ASIO driver connected first, VST connections next (confirm input path) then open Cubase mixer and connect each input channel to the track channel you want to record to. Lastly open VST Connections again and connect the Control Room output or go with typical output path just upstream of the CR. make some noise on the input path and you should see your meters light up, I.e., the input channel and the track channel and finally the Output channel

If you do all this you could be recording yourself.

Do not waste time, learn what you should be learning and off you go, I would say.
This is a good tutorial and if you take an hour extra to look for some other vids you have sufficient knowledge to record, edit, erase and try again :wink:

Now I am paing for online tutorials and am learing
Still I say it is complicated. Complicated world :imp:

You can also download Audacity for free and record your guitar and vocals. If you want it simple you shouldn’t spend money on a complicated program :stuck_out_tongue: