Could someone tell me how to contact a manager

Could someone tell me how to contact a manager, or person responsible for the Steinberg company, because since the beginning of the pandemic they have not answered my questions, and even if I updated to Cubase 11 Pro, and purchased other Steinberg products, the Steinberg help service they still do not attend me in Spanish, I would like to update to Cubase 12 pro because there are some interesting news, but apart from this forum I do not know who to contact with the Steinberg company, thanks

Hi Pablo,
From what I have seen recently, you probably will get help faster via these forums than going through Steinberg customer support. Sad, but true.

From what you wrote, I’m guessing you are having a problem upgrading to Cubase 12 Pro? If so, please add the tag steinberg-licensing to your thread. This will aid Steinberg employees to find your post more easily.

If you could, please also write down as much information as you can. Like operating system, what steps you have taken, where it fails, etc.