Could this software work please?

So I decided to try out Dorico. To make a long story short, ASIO is garbage and I can’t believe the state of Steinberg’s driver interfacing. I don’t think there is a fix for my problem, but here is the pathetic tale of trying to make an audio software make sound.

[Warning, the following post contains a high dose of salt. Please refrain from reading if you have allergies to the tastiest mineral]

No I don’t want you ASIO.

Can’t change sample rate in 2020? Doesn’t even provide an option for bit-depth. lmao!

I’d like to be able to watch youtube, or here my slack notifications… No can do LOL. THOU SHALL ONLY LISTEN TO DORICO!

OK fine you can control all the audio on my computer you win. The correct outputs isn’t listed -__-

Oh, so apparently I have to change my devices sample rate because Steingberg’s garbo drivers can’t detect it. Only needed to google for an hour and watch 2 videos to figure this out.

No Dorico for me. How about making your software work before adding “revolutionary” features?

Not only this, trying to activate the darn thing didn’t work. The elicensing spyware is out of date. But would Steinberg be bothered to install an up-to-date version? Na-ah. And can you just press a button to update the control center? Nope, google it and install it yourself. Insane. Probably the worst experience I’ve ever had trying to install a piece of software.

Get your act together.

Thanks for your feedback. I’m sorry that you had such a torrid time getting up and running. I’m surprised that you found that the version of eLicenser Control Center that was installed was out of date: we updated the Dorico 3.0.10 installers a little while ago to include the latest version of eLicenser Control Center to avoid that problem, so I’m sorry you nevertheless encountered that problem.

The issue you’ve experienced with being unable to get sound is unfortunately more common. To be clear, the problem isn’t with ASIO itself, but rather that the generic ASIO driver has to work in a lowest common denominator fashion with all sound hardware, including the not-particularly-wonderful Realtek hardware in most Windows computers. I’m pretty sure you would have a much smoother experience if you have a dedicated audio interface of some kind connected to your computer.

Anyway, you’re completely correct that the installation and setup procedure could be easier, and we plan to provide improvements in this area, not only for Dorico but for our other products as well.

Alternatively, you could try Asio4all ( which sometimes does a better job at understanding “consumer level” audio hardware than the Steinberg generic driver.