Could you please post a screenshot of Cubase 10.5 in 2160p?


happy Cubase user here. I’m curently using 3440x1440 monitor but I’m thinking about buying a Sony 4K 49 inch TV set.

I’m interested how does the interface look in 4K (not scaled). I searched for a screenshot but could not find it :frowning: I’m pretty sure we have 4K screen users here, so could you be so kind and post a screenshot of your DAW? I’d be especially thrilled to see it with lower zone (mixer) opened.

Thank you!

I usually use 150% scaling but this is what it looks like at 100%

I also use a 3440 x 1440 monitor but increasingly don’t like the lack of vertical space, and the price of widescreen monitors vs. 4k TV is crazy. That looks like a beautiful ocean of screen real estate. Any diwnsides from your point of view?


I have 2 x 43" 4K monitors and I love them. Using the screens at 100% scaling (as shown in the previous image) gives as you save an ocean of screen real estate, but unfortunately that also means that text gets a bit too small for my eyes. I tend to use the screens at 150% scaling in which case the screen doesn’t look as impressive (see image).

Yeah, you get 2 x 1440p screens that way, which should be real nice. It’s just that I want one single screen. Though sometimes I have my weak moments where I want to go dual screen set up, lol. Anyway, my 49 inch Sony is on its way :slight_smile:

guca02, thanks for posting a screenshot :slight_smile: