Count-in bar

When I make audiofiles for my saxophone ensemble and concert band, I always include a count-in at the start of the arrangement. This is off course done manually by adding a bar at the start of the arrangement, because Dorico is not yet able to export audio with a count-in.
Is there any way I can hide this first bar in dorico?

Note that you can duplicate flows, so you could create one flow with the additional bar and the other without. And in your layout, exclude the one with the additional bar…

I tried that, but… Oh… Now I know what I did wrong.
I couldn’t get it to play directly from flow 1 to flow 2 before. But that is because I had removed the players from flow 1. I’ll try again.

It won’t play in tempo from one flow to the other.

With playback options, you can set the gap between flows to 0. But it won’t help you, what I’m suggesting is to have two identical flows, one with the additional bar and the other without. The first for your recording, the other for your scoring.

Yeah. I was to fast. Sorry.
Got my head around it after it didn’t work. Nice solution. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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There is a count-in bar setting in Playback Options.

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I have a feeling that’s for when you’re doing MIDI recording, I don’t think it’s included in exported audio files.

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A “pre-roll” feature for export would be useful for me as well. I usually just dump the audio into Pro Tools and do it there, but if there could be a way to automatically set the number of pre-roll bars, and specify whether they should have a click or not, I would think that would be a very useful feature!


Indeed! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Yes, and sends asio samples (so plugins like the TXR MTC generator, bidule, and more…know there is some kind of pre-roll happening.

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When I asked about a built-in count-in feature some time ago, so students could practice with an MP3 at a slow tempo and then with an MP3 at the target tempo, a forum poster suggested that I add another instrument, such as pitched percussion, to play the count-in bars, then hide that instrument’s staves for the rest of the piece. That solution works, but being able to click “Count in x bars” in the Export Audio dialog would save time.