Count-in not working Cubase 10


It’s been a few articles I’ve been reading about Count-in in Cubase 10. One talked about activation Pre-roll, and all the others says to go to Metronome Setup… then put the amount of bars in ‘Number of Bars in Count-in’.

Now this doesn’t work. I still have no count-in when I hit record. The trick is in the Metronome setup window, you need to check the ‘Click during Count-in’.

No one specifies it anywhere so I thought I put this post so people can find it.


You also have to Activate Count-in in the Transport bar. Expand the corresponding section (with the Metronome).

I don’t see count-in in the transport bar…


As I said, you have to expand the Metronome part. More details in the manual here.

Thanks ! I didn’t get the “expand the metronome part”