Couple more issues

Generally 8 is working great but I still keep coming across the odd mainly minor issue

  1. If you change the project timeline in one project from bars and beats to seconds and close that project and open a new one the new one also is changed

  2. Chord pads play all monitored tracks (see other post)

  3. Menu: File / Close closes whichever window is currently selected so it could be the whole project or just the mixer, no way of knowing which is annoying

  4. Love the new workspaces but sometimes they do not seem to get saved with a project correctly i.e. in a a project when select my mixing workspace and then later save and reload it is not showing the mixing preset correctly. Not really got to the bottom of this - it may be to do with the border sizes I have set in windows and how Cubase adjusts for them

  5. When you first install presets are not available, you have to manually copy them from the main program folder into the data folder

I’ve been trying the Cubase Trial (Mac 8.0.10). Same thing happening.
Does anyone have a solution?