Couple of lingering issues with 1.3.19 on "Mixer" page

I’m not sure if these have got any attention, but they are a lingering issue for me:
Here’s how to reproduce the first one:

  1. Import a project from Cubase
  2. On the mixer page, click the “edit” button on the Stereo Out channel
  3. All of the imported tracks come in with a gain of +3.96 (is this a feature or bug?) - my instincts tell me that imported tracks should come in at zero.
    For the second one:
  4. On the same mixer page, click on the song name at the top to bring up the output routing selection.
  5. Select the “nc” connection to disconnect this channel from everything.
  6. Click over to “Song 1” then back to the imported song
  7. The “nc” gets changed back to the song name and is reconnected to the main output.
    I’d like to use the"nc" for tracks which should not be played - I can mute them (and this is saved) - but to me, “nc” makes more sense.

… yes, that’s on our list.

… will check.

Thank you,

It was a wish from some time ago, but you are correct and we changed it back, so from the next version on you can set it to not connected again.

Same for Layer channels, btw, even though there, it was a bug :slight_smile:

Thanks Michael - I appreciate your attention. -ew