Couple of small feature requests

I’ve come up with a couple things which I feel would make VL easier to use:

  1. In the File->Import Media Project… dialog box, the “Import Type” defaults to “Create new Project” - I’d like to see my select “sticky” so that the next time I import a project, I can save the extra click (and sometimes the error) of the default mode.
  2. Also in the “Import Media Project…” dialog, it would be useful if the import path were saved so I do not have to navigate thru my folder structure to find the new media project. It saves the path during the same instance of VL, but if i quit and relaunch, it defaults back to my home folder.
    Thanks for your consideration…
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Thanks, we put it on our list.

For file import audio it would be great to import select and multiple audio files the same time.

Another feature be able to use 4 output audio device and assign different tracks within a song to different audio outputs. We use multitracks at church and need to assign click and guide tracks to one output, backing tracks to another output and “pads” to another output.

@jlhutchins if I understand what your request is, that is absolutely possible with
VSTLive. U can quickly set different “mixes” to outputs using “SEND” (“e”) btn of each audio track or route directly to outputs.
BUT first u have to create

  • extra outputs in Devices/Connections/Audio
  • extra out channel in Mixer view routed to desired outputs
  • now u can select out route destination (top of) for any track
    …or just “SEND” some signal to it…

… already added and ready with the next Update.


I just use to drag’n drop all the wav files (grabbing them from win/osx file browser) which ones I want to add to the song. Tracks are created automatically. I hope it helps.

Hi @ericwentz

… we’ve added your requests to the next update,


Great, thank you.
I added the outputs and it works however I added outputs 1 2 3 4 under Connections/Audio and mixer channels but when I select from track view they are labeled as 3 4 5 6.
But is does work. 1 is 3, 2 is 4, etc.


Thank you.

I’m affraid, the 1234 / vs 3456 problem can be caused if you still have a stereo “MAIN” output as well… just narroving the situation

You are correct. After sending my reply I was able to correct this by removing the stereo out and add individual outs. I use the Steinberg UR44 interface. It has 6 outputs.
Thanks again!

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