Coupled editing of velocity and controller

I am using VSL with articulation maps from symphonic riot. They control volume by controller 1. Editing the velocity in the play editor has no effect.

I found that editing the controller to change the volume of individual notes very tedious. Is there a possibility in Dorico or in the expression map to influence the controller result by changing the volume in the play editor?

I’m sorry, Michael, I’m not sure what you’re asking. If Symphonic Riot controls volume via controller 1, then presumably the expression map is set to use controller 1 for dynamics, which means that if you add dynamics in Write mode, these will be translated into appropriate controller 1 values automatically. Perhaps you would like to experiment with different values for the dynamic power curve on the Dynamics page of Playback Options?

yes, the expression map uses controller 1 for dynamics. My problem is that Dorico introduces dynamics modifications to some of the sections which do not sound good with the VSL solo strings.

The first 1 1/2 bars will sound unnatural (particularly the 3rd one) due to the “interpretation” of Dorico. A flat controller 1 sounds much better, but then I have to manually add slightly louder notes on 1,3 in these bars. I can do that with the drawing tools but it would be much easier by editing the velocities of these notes - if these edits were taken over into the (default) controller mapping.

I find it also a bit annoying that Dorico will erase earlier controller curves if a new section overlaps
(even only slightly). In my view it would be more convenient if only the overlapping portion was replaced.

Can you not just adjust the Dorico beat stress and humanize options?

Thank you for the advice, I will try that. I believe it is not recommended for Noteperformer but it may be useful with Symphonic Riot Articulation maps.

NP appears to recommend just that…

since I am currently using (only) Dorico Elements 4.0 I seem to have not all the playback options available. Reducing the available beat stress option seems to help. Humanization is ok. in my case.