Courtesy accidental above a note?

Is it possible to have a courtesy accidental show above a note? In many editions such accidentals are referred to as “editorial accidentals” since they are not in the original music. Is this possible in Dorico 4?

in Dorico one can add these courtesy accidentals as a Playing Technique

Head-slap moment – Why didn’t I think of that? THANK YOU!

I assume by “playing technique” you mean shift-P? When I do that I see the letters nat but if I select that and hit return I get “nat” above the note. How can I get a true natural sign in that popover? Or am I using the wrong popover?

You have to create them as custom playing techniques first. The playing techniques popover isn’t a “free text field”, it requires entries that refer to specific, existing or created techniques.

Thank you very much, Lillie! Once again you have saved the day. There is just soooo very much to learn about Dorico. I appreciate the help available in this forum!

It would be amazing if a future version of Dorico could do these automatically! I do this often.

Perhaps a simple property checkbox on accidental signs: “display above staff” or something.

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