cover page sets?

Hi there,

I’m wondering how it’s possible to create something like a Master Set with a Cover Page – so it’d be a default for a cover page, whether for scores or parts.

Any thoughts? I was hoping to get some ideas from Anthony’s video on Master Page sets, but didn’t.

I see how to add a blank Master Page to the back of a Master Page set, but I don’t see how to add it to add it to the front (i.e. before the “First” master page).

Also, Dan, very much looking forward to your primer on how to condense scores! Need to condense one tonight, in fact…

Thank you!

The order of Master Pages in Sets does not dictate where they appear in the document. You insert Master Page Changes where you want them. You could create a template with the Cover Page already inserted.

How can I add pages to a Master Page?
Is a Master Page only limited to 2 pages?

I see a way to manually add a page based on a Master Page, but I’d love it if all of the scores and parts automatically had a cover page as part of the “First” Master Page set.

Possible? Thank you!

Master Pages only define one page. The two pages you see are for Left and Right hand orientation.

As mentioned, you’ll need to create a file that has all the master pages and such as you want them. Then save it. This is your template. There are not separate “templates” that you can recall, and you can’t share Master Pages across files.

Once I figured this out, I was very happy. I got all the variables set up to pull from the Project definition and it “just works”. It is quite nice once you get the hang of it. Master Pages are the key to happiness. Some of my early Dorico files are a bit rough because I was trying to jam changes onto pages when just making the right Master Page would have made it all work correctly. Anyway, a learning curve, but worth doing. The YouTube videos by the Dorico team are quite helpful in this regard.

I’ve found videos which explain how to make Title Pages, and how to make Master Pages. That’s very good.

What I’m trying to figure out is how to put a “Title” Master Page before my “First” master page in the layout. Craig F says:

The order of Master Pages in Sets does not dictate where they appear in the document. You insert Master Page Changes where you want them. You could create a template with the Cover Page already inserted.

But that confuses me… I already made an orchestral piece and now need to add cover pages to the score and all the parts.

How would I go about it now? Add a Cover Page manually to each individual part?


Perhaps you could try creating a master page set? But I’m not sure this is the solution, since you’re still wanting a title page, then a first page, then a default page. That’s not possible without a master page change.

But at least creating a master page set would make that title page available to all parts… I think…

Right, thanks.
Yes, I can see a way of making adding a blank / title page to all of the parts individually, which may be what I’ll have to do just this once – but perhaps I can create a template and have a cover page for the future, I think that’s what Craig’s suggesting…

If you create a master page set, is that then available to app parts? At least you wouldn’t have to recreate it each time.

When you start a new project there are two sets of master pages, “Default full score” and “Default part” and the Default part set is applied to all the parts.

So if you probably want to create a new master page called something like “parts title” in the existing Default parts page set, and then you can add a new page with that master at the beginning of each part.

You can use tokens to get the correct instrument name etc for each individual part.

If you create a new master page SET, instead of a new PAGE in the existing set, then you will have to assign each part to use it instead of the “default part” page set.

I think to understand how to do this, there is nothng better than viewing this video:

Specifically at 2:32 of the video, you will notice the dialog box has the option “Before” and (page) “1” showing, and this will place the Title Page in front of your pages that contain music. And yes, you have to do it for all parts as shown in the video.

Right, but then around 2:45 Ant says “And it’s easy” to keep adding title pages… but with 30+ parts on an orchestra score, it’s easy but also time consuming. Hence I was just hoping there was a way to add a title page by default.

Planning ahead, it’s probably less time consuming if you do it while your score is still zero bars long, rather than right at the end.

And if you make a “pseudo template” by deleting all the music from a score, you shouldn’t have to do it again anyway.

It would still take the same amount of time to add a cover page at the end.
Either way, I did it. 30 parts of manually adding cover pages. I suppose it wasn’t a big deal.

I think all would agree that it would be convenient if Dorico could apply a title page (or any Master Page addition that is the same for all parts), to each layout specified by the user, much the way other multi-layout options can be set.

Opening and closing 30 separate layouts is likely to be quicker when they are small. It is the same amount of mouse and keyboard work either way.

But looking at the complete task, you have to balance “wasting” 10 minutes doing this for 30 parts against the time you saved by not having to look at every bar of all 30 parts and decide whether to tweak the engraving, with some other notation programs.

I agree, it would be useful to be able to designate a master page as the “front page” of every layout using that master page set, similar to the “first” page for each flow in the layout.

Hello! Is this feature, “make title page for all parts” available now?
Just asking…

No change on this front.

Hello colleagues, is there any change on this front with Dorico 4?
I have a score with 40 instruments, and each instrument part should contain:

  • the cover page (which mentions the name of the instrument
  • a left inside cover page
  • the first page of the score
  • the other pages of the score
  • if the last music page has an even page number: a right inside cover page (otherwise nothing)
  • the last outside cover page
    (In fact, I’m adding manually pages to obtain booklets with a multiple of 4 pages.)
    The suggestion of Rob_Tuley to create a pseudo-template with empty music is interesting, but it does not solve the problem the first time when you have to set up your score for a grand orchestra.

Here is an alternative approach:

  1. Prepare a master page set for the external cover pages
  2. Prepare a master page set for the internal cover pages
  3. Take you first instrument part, for example “Flute”. In Engrave mode, add manually the external and internal cover pages, so that you get:
  • Page 1: Right external cover page
  • Page 2: Left internal cover page
  • Page 3: The first default part page
  • Page 4 and following: the default part pages
  • If the music ends on an odd page: add a blank page at the end (This is page n-2)
  • Page n-1: The right internal cover page
  • Page n: The left external cover page
  1. Don’t do any manual engrave operations yet on your music score of “Flute”.
  2. In Setup mode, duplicate this instrument layout. It will be named “Flute (copy)”.
  3. Rename this duplicate layout in “Part with cover pages”. This is now your starting template for all other instrument parts for which you want to share this new layout.

Procedure to follow for each additional instrument part: (steps 7 through 12), assume the next part is “Oboe”:
In Setup mode, in the right screen section called “Layouts”:
7. Delete the" existing “Oboe” layout (that Dorico generated automatically).
8. Duplicate the “Part with cover pages” layout. It will be named “Part with cover pages (copy)”.
9. Rename this duplicate layout in “Oboe”.
10. Click right on the new “Oboe” layout. On the pop-up menu, select “Players”, then “Oboe”. The layout contains now two instruments: “Flute” (which pre-existed) and “Oboe” (which you just added).
11. Click right on the new “Oboe” layout. On the pop-up menu, select “Players”, then “Flute”. The Flute is now removed from the layout. It contains now only the Oboe.
12. In Engrave mode, you can now finalize the Oboe part. Because the number of music pages for Flute and Oboe is probably not the same, you must move the two last cover pages to the end of the Oboe score.

To be noted: the procedure is a bit faster than manually adding the 4 cover pages to each pre-existing instrument part… And in my use case, I find it simpler and less subject to manual errors.



is there any new feature planed for Dorico 4.x for creating cover page for (existing) parts or to copy the cover page from conductor?

…may export & import an existing page from conductor.

It would be a nice feature!