CP8 keeps crashing on export! [Solved]


Im ready to send a project to a client but when i try to export, at the very last 3 seconds or so, i get a “Cubase experienced a serious problem” message. Whats going on? how can i remedy this?

What i’ve done so far:

  • opened the project and disabled all my plugins - still causes error message
  • duplicated project and renamed it - still causes error message
  • disabled firewall and internet connection - still causes error

Win7 64bit


When you say duplicated, did you copy the project folder, or use the Backup Project option? The latter is a better bet I’d say. Did you try rendering in real time? Presumably when you play the end of the audio in the Arrange window Cubase doesn’t crash?

Another work around might be to record your mix to a new stereo track within Cubase, then look for that file in your projects folder…a bit desperate, but it might get you out of trouble

Also do you see high disk or CPU spikes just before the point of seizure. If so, Freezing some CPU intense channels might be helpful.

Final thought are your drives very full or fragmented?

Best of luck

Hey Parrotspain,

I followed your suggestions step by step.
After doing a real time render, i came to a new error. Disk Overload was occurring near the end of the song.

The Disk Overload sounded like a CD skipping before anti-skip was invented (lol) so, it was very easy to spot. Next time, i will listen through the entire song to avoid delays.

I went ahead and deleted all of my vocals but the skipping was still there.
From there, i sought through several plugin instances in my instrumental tracks by deactivating one at a time and to my surprise, it was Fabfliters Pro-Q.

Im 2hrs or so late but if it wasnt for your suggestions, i wouldnt have ever thought Pro-Q was causing the problem. Thank you :slight_smile:.


You’re very welcome, always good to find an clear cause rather than something weird in the ether!

just a quick tip, also a simple cubase restart will fix most glitches in the song if they didn’t existed before due to overloads such as CPU load, Memory load and drive I/O