.cpr file size got very big


I am using cubase 10.0.60 on a macOS mojave 10.14.6

I have a project I am working on which I cannot open anymore as Cubase crashes upon loading.
The cpr file size has reached 3.5 Gb for unknown reasons, the audio files folder is only 550 Mb.

I tried to move away all the plugins in the VST and VST3 folders just to try and start the file - not opening.
I tried to move away the audio files content - it could open but when I tried to save as a new file and cubase got stuck.

Can someone please advise? I don’t know what to do next.
This project is very important to me as it is a song I’m working on for my client.

I had the exact same issue and in my case it was the Piano V2 plugin from Arturia. Basically every time I opened and then saved the project, it doubled in size. If you are using the the same plugin, I suggest to create a new project and then re-import all your tracks from the old one (through the import tracks function). The use another Piano plugin for the time being… I reported this to Arturia already.
If it’s not the same plugin, you will have to just do the same steps and re-import one track by one into a new project, saving every time and see what causes it.
Hope this helps

Big file sizes and LONG save times are the probably my top annoyances when using Cubase.
It can be caused by all kinds of plugins, btw, Kontakt is another one.