CPR File Type Extension Problem

hi. when I save my cubase 11 projects under 0.1 or 0.2 or 0.3 it won’t show as cpr file, it shows as 1 file or 2 files or 3 files. does anyone have this experience? please help/ Thank you

Did you by any chance delete the cpr suffix?

I’d suggest un-hiding filename extensions so you can clearly see what’s happening.

I did Change The fileName And Folder settings And Still The same. even Windows Team was trying to help me remotely. they said I have to contact Steinberg. and What is Cubase Suffix?



Steve First Thanx For Your Help. So The Thig Is when I go to choose defaults by file type in Windows 11 it shows me the all file type extension. so what I see here is this .
.1cpr + choose a default
.5 cubase 11 5 file
.cpr cubase 11 Cubase project

So why does it Show All This ?, I believe it suppose to be .cpr rite ? and I cant Delete The others

I think you are not understanding something. You have to make sure the specific setting, highlighted in the image below is not activated.

i tryed that but that shows the 0.1 or 0.2 whatever . but the file type still not cubase project .
it is for example
0.1 type 1 file
0.2 type 2 file
it supposes to be Cubase project which is CPR

Show w screen shot of the filename, and your File Explorer Options window, please

this is saved project under
see each one what file type shows

This is not what I asked for. Are you understanding the question?

no. this:

i did that but that’s Not fixing The File Type ext. that only Add A CPR Next To The 0.1 or 0.2 etc. but The file type is still The Same

0.4 it’s fine and the 0.7 and ABove Again no Problem

I give up

:grinning: Let’s try this way …
In Windows Search type: “folder options”
In the results click on “File Explorer Options” to open that window
Click on the View tab
Uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types” in the list

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like i said.still the type is not cubase project

It’s not clear what you are talking about.

Just know that for every saved project, depending on your Cubase preferences, you get a .cpr file AND backup files with the .bak extension, which by default will have the default “blank” icon.

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