CPR Hangs: Project Loads but with no output channels

This comes up periodically. I have a project which was created several months ago and worked fine. I go to load it again today and the project loads, however does not play.

The Studio Control is active. But the Master Output is not assigned any channels. So naturally, my first move is to try to assign the Master Output to free ASIO channels, but this causes the CPR to freeze.

The only ‘cure’ I have found is to systematically start removing VST Insert Plugs, then VST Instruments one by one and saving the CPR and then re-trying. Eventually, the CPR will stop freezing and I can then re-build it. Obviously, this takes HOURS.

One other ‘symptom’. When I click on each VST Plug or VST Instrument to assign it to ‘None’, this action takes prox. 10 seconds per instance. IOW: I click ‘None’ and it takes 10 seconds for the VST to clear off instead of it happening -instantly- with a properly functioning CPR.

  1. Anyone else have this issue? If so, any better solutions?

  2. I would like to send SB a CPR to analyse and perhaps you can tell me -what- component is causing the problem? I can’t figure it out, despite hours of trial and error. How do I do this?

Again: this is not a one-off—it has happened with several CPRs, but I just can’t determine the underlying pattern.



Yes. I often have no audio. I usually deactivate Control Room and then activate it and it will work again. Sometimes, when the Control Room isn’t active, the audio outputs are unassigned and I have to manually select them. I never can find a pattern of when it does this. It feels random. It’s annoying.

In my case, the CPR actually hangs. I see in Windows that the VSTBridges are all going away like mad with 95% cpu usage so I =assume= it’s something to do with that… but haven’t found a way (yet) to pin down -which- is/are the cause.

I have random similar issue project loads and all external audio gear in does not have any sound in cubase, dead, but VST instruments have sound…but all channels are in place …I have to close and restart cubase and then it is fine.