CPro 9.5.21 crashing on first start up every time (link to crash log inside)

After restarting computer or turning it on, and firing up Cubase Pro for the first time it always crashes without fail. Then on the second time it loads up fine.

Crash log here:


Please trash Cubase preferences and start Cubase once again.

If it still crashes, share the latest crash file (the one, which is created after the preferences trashing), please.

Do you mean the UserPreferences.xml file?


To be sure, I would recommend to delete (or rename) the whole Cubase 9.5 folder.

I tried this, and Cubase built up its own UserPreferences.xml. But as soon as I loaded up my stored preset for preferences, the UserPreferences.xml file increased in size to 86MB again, exactly as before.

…and the crash still happens (first time firing up Cubase after each computer restart.)

These might be two different things. The giant UserPreferences.xml has been reported. CAN-14108. From my own experience I deduced that it’s related to certain combo of color prefs, so for a temporary fix, check out what happens if you re-setup manually, without using that preset.

If you need to save presets use “Store Marked Preferences Only” and keep the colors config separate. (I save each section individually, this way when a new version comes out that makes part of my config obsolete, I still have the other presets ready to go)

The crash, if not part of this, is separate. I haven’t seen that here.

I’ll try these tips out (regarding the color preferences).

Yes, the crash may be a different issue. Also it consistently crashes when I close project window (close project without quitting Cubase).

Thank you both for reporting the issue.

If the crash doesn’t stop when you initialize prefs, test it with nothing connected to the Mac except for the keyboard and mouse.

Is it really crashing after trashing preferences? Or after you load your preferences preset?

That is a good point. My mistake - no crash on closing project window (without quitting Cubase) after trashing preferences.
Works cleanly.

Something in my preferences is corrupting the operation?

It seems so. And we probably found out, what part of the XML file it is. We just don’t know, how get rid of it so far.

As Steve pointed out, most probably it’s color preference related.

You could try to make a screenshot of all Preferences settings but colors. Then you can recreate your preferences (after trashing then first) manually. You can save this preset as a stable preferences preset, and then you can start to change your colors, and save the preferences versions.

I let Cubase rebuild user preferences and the file is small again, faster loading time too which is nice. So I think for now that issue is sorted.

However I still get the crash each time I close project window without quitting Cubase and also on first start up after turning on computer.

Share the crash files, please.

This one happened right now. Turned on computer in the morning, fired up Cubase and this crash occurred…


Fired up Cubase a 2nd time, and as the pattern goes, no problem starting up.


What kind of file is it, please? What is dms file? This is not Cubase crash dump file.

The crash is in the com.gaelyvan.flux.SampleGrabberV3-x64.vst.

Didn’t I sent you already this before? Or are you just another user with the same plug-in (vendor) crash?

Thanks… I managed to fix this crash by disabling SampleGrabber plugin. So, no crash on first start up.

But the crash on close project window (without quitting Cubase) still occurs. Is this also SampleGrabber vst causing it (even though now it’s disabled)?

Crash log:



No, this crash is in Cubase. I will have a look closely on Monday.

Grateful for your help.