CPU core restriction on Cubase?

I have this worrying issue that came up while I was out trying to shop for a new Mac. The sales guys says that before I decide to buy a 6, 8, or 12 core new Mac Pro, I should check with my programs (DAW’s and VST’s) that they actually can run utilizing that many cores, because apparently Pro Tools 9 or 10 could only use a Quad core, so a 6-core machine would be a waste because the GHz speed on 6 core is slower than the Quad. (the more cores, the slower speed per core)

This is completely new to me. We all new that we had that problem a couple years ago with 32-bit machines only using 4GB RAM, but this deal with the CPU cores I have never heard before.

Do you know if Cubase 7.5, or 8, have any such restriction like Pro Tools?

Would I be better off buying an iMac 5K that I can upgrade to a QUAD 4.0 GHz i7 that can overclock itself, rather than spending on a 6 or 8 core with lesser 3.0 GHz and cannot overclock, thus giving me a disadvantage using Cubase that might only beable to utilize 4 cores anyways?

Weird stuff with the Steinberg forums these days. My old User account seems to be wiped out and cannot access old threads. Could not recognize my login (which I know is correct because I save all those deetz in a separate mail folder).

But if anyone had any knowledge on the CPU core thing, that would be awesome.

I think it could also be possible that the sales guys isn’t correct with the info he gave you.
Cubase uses all available cores.
There are plenty of people here on the forum who have 6-cores, or even multiple xeon machines, and they all seem to work fine. (most of the time though :slight_smile: )

kind regards,

Yeah, I think you are right about the sales guy. He did seem very confident, but I just never heard of that before.

AMD 6 core here… working just fine…