CPU Decision

I’m specing a new motherboard cpu and ram
After reading Steinbergs page on cpu choice meaning too many cores can slow the process down which is the best cpu from
1151 socket :- i5 series i3 series or there is a pentium G4600.
Which would be best for Cubase ?

It’s not necessarily that simple. There’s the issue with Win10 core limit for Cubase but you can still go i7 and that not be an issue.
I’d say i7 is still easily the best choice.
If you prefer to go i5 for budget reasons I’m sure the 7600k would do the job.

Many Thanks i’ll have a look at the 7600K

Look for a cpu with the the fastest single core processing. I have the I7-4790K (Devils Canyon) it’s an older one. I’m sure you can find a great deal on it. I paid $275 for it in 2016.

Why on earth should anyone buy a 4790k if they need “the fastest single core processing”? Shouldn’t that be at least an 8700?

8700 is only 5% faster on single core performance! Given the price difference, I’d go 4790k.

This is silly.

Either a person needs “the fastest single core processing” available, or the person does not. The 4790k is not the fastest even if the 8700k is only 5% faster. “Only” 5% faster is still faster.

So fine, let’s just say that the fastest single core processing available is no longer the goal, why on earth should the person then not still go for the 8700k when it provides a whopping 50% more cores???

Makes no sense to me.

PS: What is the price difference, specifically?

You got it right Mattias. The z370 platform has also proven to be exceptionally stable for me - also more power efficient, and amazingly stable running 3200, CAS14 memory. I’m overclocked to 5GHZ on air cooling, with stress test temps below 70 degrees. (Noctua D15 cooler). Cubase runs like a champ, and I have a lot of **** going on in this computer (GPU, HD capture card, 10 USB devices, 5 internal drives, iPad remotes, UAD-2, 4 monitors, etc.)

There is literally no comparison to my 4770K system, which was OC’d to around 4.5ghz. It blows it out of the water by a mile, despite the single-core speed being only about 10% difference.

People just look at the CPU single-core speed and go “meh, looks the same”. Sorry but there’s a hell of a lot more going in a computer besides the clock speed. Moving to a very new chipset can often mean large improvements in handling across the chipset / bios, and that will affect memory, graphics performance, power handling, peripherals, drives, PCIe. The last bios update my 4770K system had was like 3 years ago. It hasn’t hasn’t been optimized for many things that have changed regarding drives, graphics cards, network chips, peripherals. Adding 2 cores has substantial benefit as well - as your DAW isn’t the only thing running on the computer. You’re going to be doing any number of tasks day-to-day that will make heavy use of that extra power. Also - combing an NVMe OS drive with the 8700K is like computer dreamland.

My suggestion is 8700K all the way. Only other way I’d personally go is to an 7820x - quad channel memory, 128GB ram limit, 28 PCIe lanes, 8-cores. Super powerful, but that platform can be a big step up in price from 8700K when you start adding compatible motherboards / memory, etc.

Thanks i’ll check 'em out.

Just take note that with the Meltdown and Spectre issues, that older CPUs like the 4770K is possible going to suffer quite some performance degradation while the newer Skylake, Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake will not.
Also why buy an old platform that you cannot upgrade later on. The 4770K is still using DDR3 RAM and is slower than both 7xxx and 8xxx CPUs.
If you are going to buy and CPU then all day go for the latest generation. Then let budget dictate if it’s gonna be I3, I5 or I7 and if it’s gonna be a K model or not.