CPU Overload/Audio drop out

Hi everybody,
I’m trying to work on a project where I have about sixty audio tracks and I want add some guitars but it seems my MacMini is on the edge as when I start recording it quite immediately gives me a “CPU Overload/Audio drop out detected” message…
I’m using a Neural DSP SL110 plugin as an insert on the track and as I know it’s quite heavy I disabled a lot of tracks that I don’t need and I bypassed quite all insert effects on the other tracks (not more than ten, at the moment) ; obviously I have a low buffer value to avoid latency when playing…
After I few bars I receive the error message…
I examined the system activity monitoring and it doesn’t seem to be so overcharged (see pics) so I ask you if there’s something I can do to solve this problem…
My configuration is in an attached picture too; Cubase Pro 11.5 version
Thank you for helping me,
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To tell a long story short: I eventually solved it; the real problem was Tempo Track.
I had some tempo changes programmed and that was enough to cause dropout; as I deactivated it I could play with no dropouts and no need to bypass/deactivate plugins.
It was a long hunting but I’ve done it.
Hope it helps