CPU Overload/Audio drop out

Hi everybody,
I’m trying to work on a project where I have about sixty audio tracks and I want add some guitars but it seems my MacMini is on the edge as when I start recording it quite immediately gives me a “CPU Overload/Audio drop out detected” message…
I’m using a Neural DSP SL110 plugin as an insert on the track and as I know it’s quite heavy I disabled a lot of tracks that I don’t need and I bypassed quite all insert effects on the other tracks (not more than ten, at the moment) ; obviously I have a low buffer value to avoid latency when playing…
After I few bars I receive the error message…
I examined the system activity monitoring and it doesn’t seem to be so overcharged (see pics) so I ask you if there’s something I can do to solve this problem…
My configuration is in an attached picture too; Cubase Pro 11.5 version
Thank you for helping me,
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To tell a long story short: I eventually solved it; the real problem was Tempo Track.
I had some tempo changes programmed and that was enough to cause dropout; as I deactivated it I could play with no dropouts and no need to bypass/deactivate plugins.
It was a long hunting but I’ve done it.
Hope it helps

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For me, with a 15 track song, using cubase 12 pro, I deleted the chord track and it resolved the problem. Thanks for putting me on the path to try that instead of the tempo track. Not sure why since there were no problems like that in Cubase 11 pro

CPU Overload
I’m having that problem presently on Cubase 11 and it’s jarringly well…jarring. Mine is a very active very large automated mix with channels muted for INST mix. Perhaps if I un-“read” the muted tracks it will help, but this is an old school deja vu I’m having here. Running 10.15.7 Catalina on 2017 MacBook Pro. First time for this.

HI @micwarren21,
sorry I missed your answer…
I’m glad if I helped you a bit :slight_smile:

HI @jdcarroll88,
same as for @micwarren21… I missed the answer.
I recently bought a reconditioned MacBook pro M1 max with 32GB of RAM so I hope I’ll no more this kind of issue…