CPU overload errors - will they ever stop!!!!

I used to just think this was an issue with Stephen Slate plug ins, but ow I’m running a project that shows less than 20% on the asio meter (and no Slate plugs) and still having problems…I’m more or less venting, because I’m sure Steinberg will never acknowledge a problem, much less fix it. Pro Tools is looking better every day.

“Pro Tools is looking better every day”
How is that going to mend your machine?


Why would you assume the problem is my machine? Again, less than 20% on the cpu meter and nothing but stock, UAD plug ins and external inserts. Do you work for Steiny? It’s fairly typical for Steiny “support” to assume that problems reflect user error, plug in developers, problems with a particular machine…anything but with Steinberg software.

The project in question has variaudio in it - which I believe other people have complained causes cpu spikes, and when I removed the variaudio’d tracks, it exported fine - However, I thought the cpu spikes with variaudio had been fixed in one of the recent updates.

“Why would you assume the problem is my machine?”

If it was a common or generic fault with cubase this forum would be glowing red with this issue and no copies would be sold.

Why would you think you had a copy of cubase different from the rest, it is not, BUT you do have a machine and setup that much less common and therefore its much more likley that is more the cause at the center of the problem and by moving to pro tools that would not solve this local machine problem.


I’m quite happily using Cubase 6, and never get CPU overloads, so it’s not the software that’s the problem, it will be your computer set up, and I run typically 75 audio tracks with a lot of processing and automation -it all runs well for me…

Majority of end-user issues occur because of the individual’s computer. “Steiny” isn’t able to reproduce every single system their customers will use. The combination of computers and 3rd party software are endless. Hence, it is up to the end-user to troubleshoot their system the best they can before throwing blames around.

Now, how is anyone on the forums suppose to help you if you haven’t provided any info about your system? Are you on a PC or Mac? What OS version? RAM? Cubase version? Details, details…the more the better.

On a personal note, why does Pro Tools look better every day? What is it about it that “looks better?” From my own extensive use, Pro Tools seems to overload my processor far earlier than Cubase does. Plus, Pro Tools is very, very limited to what you can do.

It would be helpful if you would post specs on your machine - Motherboard, CPU, ram, OS, audio/midi interfaces, soundcard, etc. Also a step by step list of what you’re doing in the project - track count, VSTi, effects, and anything else you think might be helpful. Hippo is just suggesting that if your machine environment is the problem, switching to PT isn’t going to solve anything. Someone on the forum may offer other steps for you to try, but until it can be ruled out, I think you need to remain open to the idea your machine may not be efficient enough.

A screenshot or description of your Device Setup -> VST Audio System would be helpful too. In my experience, the sort of problems you’re describing fall into the following categories and not necessarily just one:

Cubase configuration
3rd party plugins
BIOS configuration
Windows configuration and/or Startup/Services
A machine in which bits of hardware don’t talk to other bits properly. This is the worst news and isn’t always as a result of homebuilds, professionals get it wrong too.

It took me ages to get this machine working fine.

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Cubase 6.0.3 64-bit

  • Device Setup: Steinberg Audio Power Scheme ON
  • Device Setup: Multiprocessing ON

Focusrite Saffire LE (FW400) v.1.5
Dell XPS 8100 Desktop

  • CPU: Intel i7 860 @ 2.80 GHz (HT OFF, C-State OFF, SpeedStep ON, TurboBoost OFF)
  • Chipset: Intel H57
  • RAM: 4 x 2 GB DDR3-1333 MHz
  • HDD: Non-RAID, 2 x 1TB Samsung HD103SJ (7,200 RPM; DTR: 250 MB/sec; Latency: 4.17 ms)
  • Grafix: ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series

Aloha s,
I used to get that same alert box a lot after
installing first C5 and then C6.
(on my macbook laptop not my desktop)

And like you, my projects would register very low on the
cpu juice meter but still I would get this
annoying alert box.

I’m thinking sup wi dat??

But even with that alert box Cubase would still playback just fine.

Then I discovered a checkbox in that alert box that says
‘do not show this again’ (or something to that effect).

I just simply ticked it and I have never seen that
alert box again and the 'puter still woiks fine.


My cpu is full all the time.Never gives me any overload errors, when it 110% full it starts to crackle little then i know i have to bounce stuff.Otherwise iv done now over 10 song, each like some 60-70 track with plugs no problemos amigos!Cubase 6 i stable as hell!Im enjoyin it.my 0.02 cents