CPU Overload in VST live pro 2

no problems with the “old” version VST live pro 1.4.
Now upgraded to VST live pro 2 and suddenly the CPU display jumps to RED every 5 sek. and produces dropouts.
The laptop is “up to date” and surely fast enough. I also use it for Cubase 13 with lots of plugins and there are absolutely no problems…
any idea?

Hi @Volker_Petersen,

some questions … I guess your project has a lot of songs. What about video tracks? Every song has video tracks? Anything special?

… while playback? Every song?

VST Live cannot compares with Cubase. Cubase has only one active “Song” at the moment.

But if the same projects runs fine with VST Live 1 we’ll find the problem. Did you updated to the latest Pre-Release? (http://www.vstlive.net)

See you,

Hi Michael,
21 Songs with just 2 audio tracks each and one lyrics track. just one Video Track on one Song for testing it.
a few stacks: 2 Reverb-stacks and 2 Delay-Stacks, 1 Global-stack for Vocals, 1 Global-stack for guitar.
as said: NO problems in VST live 1.4. BUT in VST 2 (pro) the CPU display jumps to Overload (for just a sek) every 5 sek (roundabout) also if no song is playing! it starts immediately when the program is lauched…
I’m sure that there is nothing wrong with my system…something has changed from the old to the new version…

This phenomenon has existed since version 1.4.60. The red light flashes when you change songs. But the playback is completely normal.

as said: I didn’t have that in VST pro 1.4.60.
Now I increased the buffer size on the rme fireface 802 from the very low 48 to 512 and everything seems to work fine. But it worked with the low buffer size in the old version.
Because my monitoring is directly though the fireface I can work this way.
Thanx a lot for any help in this thread.
I’m looking forward to check out the automization…

That’s normal, it has to recover from all the activations after loading.

After loading has settled? That would be weird. So in stop mode, you get CPU clipping? Then you should check which plugins are active. If you don’t play keys, it can only be Stacks and audio tracks with active monitor, right?
There is one bug though that will be fixed with the next version, which is that certain processes are not de-activated when changing a Song. That means the more Songs you ever select, the busier it can get. However that should not matter much as long as no playback is involved. We’ll fix that asap.
Other than that, if you can narrow the cause and find out anything pls. let us know, thanks.

I guess that’s just when the CPU clipping indicator was introduced. So if you don’t face any issues you can just ignore it.