CPU Spikes and drop-outs in demo version of Cubase 11

I want to figure out how to solve the spike and dropout issue. When I play the demo song that comes with the download of Cubase 11 (Venus Theory Cubase 11 Demo Track), it won’t play smoothly, it’s showing cpu spikes like crazy. Already spent a lot of time reading the blog posts about the similar issue, with no success. I have Ableton and was thinking of switching to Cubase, but if I can’t get Cubase to run without issues like that, it doesn’t make sense to switch. I have no problems with cpu with Ableton running on my laptop.

Windows 10, 16 GB Ram, i7, 1.8 GHz

Any suggestions are appreciated, hope it can be fixed.

what audio interface ?

what audio buffer size ?

have you run latencymon

Thanks for help, I think what solved it was to “Activate Steinberg Audio Power Scheme” in Studio Setup > Audio System.

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