CPU Spikes caused by Bitdefender

I’m running Windows 10 Home 64 bit on a desktop, with Cupase 11 pro.
I’m using the UR-RT2.
I have noticed random cpu spikes when recording audio.
After trial and error, using latencymon, it seems the problem is solved when Bitdefender is turned off.
Thing is, I do not normally want it turned off. Let alone, it is quite a procedure to turn it off (there is no central on/off button).
How can I manage this?
Do I have to reffer to the antivirus manufacturer?
Thank you.

Not used bitdefender myself, but just did a google search and you can add exceptions as in most anti-virus programs. Add cubase related folders to this list and should be fine.

Haven’t thought of it, because when I ran latencymon Cubase wasn’t running. But other Steinberg related software WERE running, like the ones for UR-RT2. So I whitelisted everything Steinberg, and it worked! Thank you for the suggestion!

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You’re welcome, glad it helped! :slight_smile: