CPU spikes on VSTs

Hi peeps,
I’m having problems with CPU spikes when just hovering my mouse over the VST window.
It will then drop other things out of sync, (like my TI Virus) until it stops any transport function.
Massive time/MIDI jumps and the project is completely un workable.
No other apps running and have performed a basic Win10 audio cleanup.
Cubase Pro 11

Any ideas?

PC specs
AMD 3600X
2x M2 2TB HDD
WIN 10

Tascam DM3200 mixer
MOTU midi interface
various USB synths

I’m wanting to share a YT video of it, but unable. Anyway of getting that info on here?


You should be able to post your video now.

This looks like a graphics card/driver issue. Which you unfortunately don’t mention here. Anyway, start to look for an updated driver of your graphics card and see if this solved the issue?

I have a Nvidia GT1030, which I have now updated.
It seems stable now, only peaking around 15-20%.
Thanks Nickeldome.
I will test more over time

Yo… I went to my device manager in Windows 11 and disabled the “High Precision Event Timer” in the System Devices tab…
this truely seems to have fixed ALL of my studders/sample rate clicks/ and poop like that…
Man… I hope someone else tries this and is able to confirm my results

Here’s a link - read on from Pictus’ post #295. There’s Very Good info on fixing nVidia dpc problems. When installing - only driver. No bloatware. Make sure settings are max performance no power saving. If all else fails check out MSI tool which you can change IRQ to MSI.

Also - I would for the heck of it - also try out PS/2 mouse and keyboard. Some USB keyb/mouse have very high polling (500 even 1000hz) which is not good for daw computer. Try out different usb ports. Some ports might be different controller chipset than others. Good starting point is to connect USB2.0 to USB2 ports and so on.

A good idea is also try to disable (temporarily) Wifi/LAN from device manager and see does that help dpc behaviour.


Windows 11 has some nerve. When I install Adrenalin for my Radeon card, Windows does me a favour (not that I asked) of removing it. Since it did it a few times, I just stayed with Windows’s driver. There’s a workaround but I doubt it’d make life easier for my CPU in Cubase anyway.

Anyhoo, my Ryzen 5/16GB is fairly optimized now. I disabled High Precision Event Timer and applied a few more tweaks to get the results below. My performance meter on most VSTi’s on idle is low. Most. A few of them still peak, but that’s gotta be attributed to so-so coding. My buffer is set to 512/23ms.

My system’s nice now because, when I get ready to fire Cubase up, I only have to do three things - Disable Defender, Disable WiFi in Settings, and apply Wise Memory Optimizer.