CPU spikes on VSTs

Hi peeps,
I’m having problems with CPU spikes when just hovering my mouse over the VST window.
It will then drop other things out of sync, (like my TI Virus) until it stops any transport function.
Massive time/MIDI jumps and the project is completely un workable.
No other apps running and have performed a basic Win10 audio cleanup.
Cubase Pro 11

Any ideas?

PC specs
AMD 3600X
2x M2 2TB HDD
WIN 10

Tascam DM3200 mixer
MOTU midi interface
various USB synths

I’m wanting to share a YT video of it, but unable. Anyway of getting that info on here?


You should be able to post your video now.

This looks like a graphics card/driver issue. Which you unfortunately don’t mention here. Anyway, start to look for an updated driver of your graphics card and see if this solved the issue?

I have a Nvidia GT1030, which I have now updated.
It seems stable now, only peaking around 15-20%.
Thanks Nickeldome.
I will test more over time