CPU Temperature Question

Hi All!

I just upgraded to an i7 4790k from an AMD FX 6100… my computer performance is now more than twice as good but, i do have a cpu temperature question.

My projects are typically in the electronic pop space… hence have loads of instrument and fx plugins.

My i7’s temperature (according to speedfan) ranges between 70 degrees Celsius when idle to 80 degrees while exporting a mix-down. Now I know the Intel literature says this is a safe temp to operate at. However, I have seen many reports on the net which suggest it shouldn’t be so high.

So, my question - is this temperature too high as it is constantly hovering at this level? Should I look at getting a cooling system? Or do you think its ok to operate at these levels.

Any inputs would be greatly appreciated.


Yes that is to high and I would guess something is wrong with the cooling. First thing to try is to take of the side pannel of your computer. If this makes lots af difference, like dropping to the 30-40 when idle then your case flow is non existent. If it stays high it is the cpu cooling itself which is defect. Is the fan even running?


my bad… i didnt see that section of the forum… can someone please move this there?

Vinark… thanks for the reply… temps are the same even with open side panel… fan is running… gonna recheck if its been fit properly…

Had the same issue with my 4790k. The CPU cooler fan that comes with it is weak. Get a better fan. Can’t remember exactly what model I replaced it with. It was a Cooler Master. They are quite large though. Make sure your case is big enough for them.

Thanks Jimmys69… im looking at the coolermaster hyper 212x… seems like a good buy…

Just keep in mind that you are disregarding the manufacturer’s information in favor of people on the internet who you know nothing about. If your processor gets too hot the BIOS will shut it down or it will start “throttling” the power of the CPU. Has that happened yet? If I recall, Speedfan let’s you see the temperature set points for these actions.

Hi Jaslan… thanks for the reply…true words of course… so far no throttling has happened… in fact, my heavy cubase projects are running at just a 50% ASIO load… no tracks frozen… (i had to freeze most tracks to remain at almost 100% using my old amd fx 6100)

im looking at getting an external cooler also for any future OCing i might want… though it doesnt seem like it’ll ever happen given the current stellar performance…