CPU Usage Issue with offline bounce in cubase pro 9

Hello all,

I have been facing this weird issue with cubase offline bounce. I am a film and media composer and have a fairly large orchestral template of around 200 tracks, I use Vienna Ensemble and Kontakt and a fair bit of synths. When I start the offline bounce, it starts by showing less time, then the time randomly increases very significantly when i move to any other window such as the finder window or a web browser etc. I then observed the cpu usage with activity monitor, I noticed a lot of dips in the cpu usage when i switch the window, when it starts, the usage is around 45 - 50 % and when i change the wondow it drops to 5 - 6% and the time increases a lot.

Observation 2 : even if I am on cubase all the time, I see a lot of dips in the cpu usage which correspond to the estimated time taken on the bounce.

Anyone experienced this issue before ? I am a bit unsure if I have clicked on a wrong option somewhere, I have not clicked on release Audio engine on the background.

Please help!!!

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Could you please add your system specification to your signature?

If you are on macOS 10.13.4 or later, read this thread, please. There is an known issue on macOS side, which causes temporary freeze of the whole system while Export Audio Mixdown (offline). Also other DAWs have a problems with this macOS issue.

Hello Martin,
Thank you for your reply, I am going through the other thread.

I am on a hackintosh

I7 6800k, 64 gb ram, mac os high Sierra, several ssd and hdds, rme babyface pro set at 1024 samples…

I am on high Sierra but the system doesn’t freeze while I am bouncing, only Cubase slows down significantly when i am on some other page such as a web browser…


Did you solve the problem?