Crackeling sound?? (Problem)

Hi! Iw been using cubase for a while now on my stationary (just died Rip), and i just installed it to my labtop.
Im having a problem with crackelig noises when im running a track.
I dont know whats making it, since it isent caused by loud audio,
and the Asio time usage is far away from peaking.

Im wondering if its because it doesent use the external soundcard (audio kontroll1),
and its just using the soundcard on my labtop to prosess the sound.

Any ideas? or a fix?

Found the problem, i simply had to change driver to audio kontroll 1 in cubase.
How to do it:

  1. Go to devices.
  2. select devices setup.
  3. Go to Vst Audio System,
  4. Change the Asio driver to whatever driver your soundcard uses.