Crackles and not working effects

I’ve recently bought cubases (4 days before the sale ;( ) and love it.

I’ve recorded some DI guitars and I noticed inter audio app doesn’t work all the time. In essence when I use biasfx2 or amplitude it only works maybe 10% of the tries. Mostly they just don’t work or crackle like crazy. Almost like you’re at a wrong sampling rate.

When I disable the effect and add it as a new one it sometimes does work. I had the same problem for example with the waves EQ. On my midi tracks it works on my audio tracks sometimes yes sometimes no.

I really hope this is a temporary bug because it looks very close to a perfect solution for me.

I’m running the latest ios
Updated the apps
And changed the latency already (first I tested)

Hope someone can point me to the solution.


Sorry I can’t provide a solution to your problem but just offer an observation.

I’ve used Cubasis for several years and have had all sorts of problems with IAA. The IAA format will be redundant soon and I doubt that the Cubasis team will want to spend time on trying to improve IAA stability. That’s just a guess of course, I could well be wrong.

Maybe there are AU guitar apps you could try? My experience is that AU stability is a lot better in Cubasis than IAA.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful than that. Good luck

No problem
Let’s hope biasfx2 is updated soon.

Hi frankdoorhof,

Apple discontinued their Inter-App Audio support some time ago. Algonside, they’ve introduced Audio Unit on iOS as a successor, which brings many improvements in comparison.

I’d suggest to get in touch with the 3rd party app vendor, to let them know about your Bias FX AU version request.

Hope that helps.

Best wishes,