Crackling and intermittent sound

Hi, thx for looking.

I realize this is more of a windows problem than a Cubase one, but just trying to get advice from who ever I can. This is annoying me, and I’m beginning to wonder if its even fixable

Background info;

I did a fresh install of windows, everything works (it seems) except the sound.

Reinstalled drivers twice for sound-card, it is recognized in the device manager (says its working)

and no probs in the control panel of the sound card itself. All DAWs I have see it and can select asio drivers for it

Just get this crackling and intermittent sound on any audio from windows – fades in and out, and in and out and crackly as something pretty darn crackly…

The sound-card is a tc eletronics Konnekt 6. Any advice very appreciated


Firewire drivers? some sort of Firewire problem?
What samplerate is the card set to?

Just some things to look at!!!

Hi, thx

sample rates fine – the firewire drivers are deff poss.

Im using a USB/Firewire combo card. Standard firewire card just says ‘no device’.

would be cool if I could get the standard firewire card to recognise it I dont know why that wont :frowning:

Just an update,

I uninstalled the firewire/usb card (1st time) – and the sound card (again)

and did a fresh install of both, didn’t work.

Also had a play around with 2 other pci firewire cards (which i have) in various slots and holes (one combo and one not) and for some reason the only firewire card that will recognize the sound card is the ALi firewire/usb combo card.

The other 3 just says “no device” in the sound card control panel.

I can’t figure this out – comp goes to a ‘no fix no fee’ comp place tomorrow. I’ll see what they say

Just to be clear you are using a firewire usb combo card to hook up your firewire audio interface? That could be your problem right there. Combo cards like that are not recommended when hooking up firewire audio interfaces. I would call the company that makes your interface and see if they have an exact tested pcie firewire only card that they recommend to use with their interface. The rule of thumb is no combo cards, and get one with a TI = texas instrument chipset. Make sure the pcie slot does not share with anything that may cause a problem if it does see if you can disable whatever it shares with in your bios.

Also try to revert to win 7 legacy firewire drivers if it is recommended by your audio interface manufacturer.

Let us know how it goes.

The comps still at the fixing place, so just waiting to see what they say.

But yea, all thoughts noted thank you

I was only using the combo card because after trying 2 different Belkin PCi cards and one Swann firewire card all 3 just said “no device” (in the sound card control panel). and what eva I could to the drivers in XP sp1/2 etc I couldn’t make it recognize the firewire connection (device manager said firewire was working correctly)

But I found with the combo card having drivers on CD not already in Windows the soundcard was recognized. I said Yippee! then realized the sound was not right lol

I ended up selling this computer the problem never got fixed…

Thx everyone who tried to help