crackling during playback but not after rendering

I am using Cubase Elements 10.5. I am getting a crackling sound during playback but when I render the track as an MP3 it is not there. Any ideas?
Brand new Scarlett interface and all brand new cables. No grounding issues either. Appreciate any ideas. Thanks.

I would assume it is latency problems… try the new .12 update… if not you might need to dive deeper in your computer setup

10.5.12? Don’t see a link on the site.

Ahhh…never mind, found it. Thanks!

I installed the update but it did not make a difference. Any other thoughts? I have 8GB Ram. Do I need more? AMD A6 APU with Radeon graphics. 3.60 GHZ. On board sound card.

Looks like the Scarlett 18i20 needs more RAM than I have. Going to upgrade that and see what happens.

Here is the solution. You can ask Cubase to alert you of processor overload. Turns out mine is too old for this application so the solution is a new computer. Ram will not help