Crackling (hicups)

I have just installed cubase 12 artist on a new laptop .Everything worked ok on the old one .
The problem I have is when playing guitar it sounds like crackling hicups ; by that I mean it is very irregular and random but irritatingly consistent .I tried reinstalling everything but that solved nothing . I am not very good when it comes to the technology side of things so it is difficult for me to investigate all possible avenues .Does anyone have any idea what the issue could be .The problem definitely exists within cubase ; I have checked all leads and connections ,headphones and
laptop possible issues

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Are you talking about an audio signal or MIDI data (with using an Instrument)?

Is the recorded signal (or MIDI data) correct?

First, I would try to increase your Audio Device’s Buffer Size. What Audio Device do you use? Does it have own ASIO driver? If not (and you are on Windows), try to install ASIO4ALL, please.

Hi Martin , thank you for responding . It is an audio signal ; I am plugging a Strat into a Zoom R24 ,which was fine on my previous laptop .The only thing that has changed is the laptop . How do I increase the DAW 's buffer size .


Studio > Studio Setup > Your Audio Device’s ASIO Driver name. Click on the Control Panel button. Now it depends on the driver, how it looks like. Find the Buffer Size parameter and increase it.

Okay I shall try that , thank you .

Thanks Martin that has helped a bit ; it is still happening but it is not as bad as it was . There is still something causing it to crackle .


If it’s still happening, you can set it even higher.

If you are in Windows, I would recommend you to test your system by using the LatencyMon utility.