Crackling noise when I play back recording or play instrument

Hello all. I have a problem here that I don’t know how to fix. So, when I open up Cubase LE to my project and I play my keyboard or guitar, I get this awful crackling noise in the speakers. I tried changing buffer size but that didn’t seem to do anything.
Here’s my setup:
Dell Inspiron gaming laptop
Core i5
8gb ram
GTX 1050
USB tascam 2x2
Taylor gs mini acoustic electric guitar
Kawai esx digital piano

I’m not sure how to fix this if anyone knows and can help that would be great.

Hi and welcome,

Is the crackling noise in the exported audio file?

Could you try to use ASIO4ALL instead of Tascam ASIO driver?

I’m sorry I’m kinda new to this whole thing I don’t know where to find that.


File > Export > Audio Mixdown.