Crackling noises and other bad sounds - Help please!

I bought a Steinburg UR 22 this past May for my voice over recording. It was working fine until yesterday. I would record and hear crackling, and skips. I tried using different headphones and it would sound the same. I use an audio technica 4047 microphone which is old but still good. I use Adobe Audition CS 5.5 which is also old but still working. My PC is a little over a year old and hasn’t been used a fair deal. I don’t have lots of apps or downloads and it runs pretty fast. I’m not a techie so I can’t be sure of exact information which is why I really, really, need help. I even called Guitar Center where I purchased the hardware and they told me to contact Steinburg support.
Can anyone help?

What are your computer specs and OS? It may be as simple as changing some settings or buffer size. There are steps you can take to optimize performance of your PC for audio recording but I would need the OS you are using to send the appropriate link.

Best advice is to never contact Guitar Center for advice…Just saying…