Crackling occurs when using USB mic


I was using Cubasis with a USB mic which was connected via a USB c hub. All equipment was connected before starting Cubasis.
Headphones were plugged into the USB mic for monitoring

After about one or two minutes, crackling started when playing back recorded music (at that time, one short audio clip and one short midi clip). Like a reduced bitrate. Regardless of the midi instruments used (auv3 plugin or micrologue). I tested this a few times and got the same glitch every time. It worked fine in another DAW that I tried (to see if it the USB mic was actually working).

Cubasis used with latest version
iPad pro 12.9 2018 (iOS 12.4)
USB mic: blue yeti nano
USB c hub: hyperdrive

Thanks for advice,

Hi Andi,

Thanks for your message.

Unfortunately we’re not equipped with the Blue Yeti Nano to reproduce the issue at our end.

Given your comment, the issue seems to appear only with the mic device in use, correct?
Please give it a try, to change the Hardware Latency (located under Setup/Audio) to check if this helps to avoid the problem.

If the problem persists, I suggest to get in touch with Blue to check if they are able to reproduce the issue.
If required, I’m at hand to have them equipped with free Cubasis promo codes for testing.

Please keep me updated!

Thanks and best wishes,

Hi Andi,

Below please find the questions from Blue Microphones regarding the issue:

  • Has the customer tried using a different cable?
  • Does the customer need an adapter to plug the nano into the iPad?
  • Does this occur when they use it with other apps?

Please let us have your feedback.


Hi Lars,

Thanks for your reply. I’ll try with a few different configurations and involve Blue if the problem persists.


Hi Andi,

Thanks for your reply, will keep Blue Mic informed too.
Please keep me updated about the topic.