Crackling/Popping noises in Wavelab 9.5

Hello, I’ve been getting horrendous crackling and popping sounds whenever I load up any file into Wavelab Pro 9.5. This goes for any song I have recorded so far and any audio files that I insert. Once the file is exported, it sounds perfectly normal with no crackling and popping issues, but I am unable to use Wavelab Pro 9.5 for audio mastering while the crackling and popping sounds are present. I’m not sure if this is a software problem with the program or a hardware issue with my system.

Any response would be greatly appreciated.

This is obviously far from normal.

To assist, what OS are you on. Also, some basic info on your soundcard/DA setup would be helpful.

Are you using UA cards or devices anywhere? There are reported issues on some systems recently.

In short, there’s not quite enough information to be constructive.