Crackling sound

Guys, need advice. I constantly hear a crackling noise in my monitors when midi devices are used/connected: Komplete Kontrol, a Prophet. or even when I use a mouse. When the computer is idle it is way better. I have MacBook pro m1, Cubase Pro 12, UR 44C. Had the same problem with my older PC too. CPU has no spikes. I thought this may be interference in my monitors (Mackie Mr 624) as their cables are close to all other devices. Can this be another reason?

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Rosetta mode, or apple silicon?

What could possibly be the connection between your old PC and this one? Some connected device that’s interrupting? Your actual audio interface? Its drivers?

Does the problem happen if you change your audio device to the built-in MacBook speakers? After trying that, I would try disconnecting everything and opening up cubase with no third party plugins or anything.

Edit: oh wait, you did say when MIDI devices are used. SORRY. Disconnect them one at a time.

I have a Steinberg UR44 C interface with the latest drivers (V 3.1…4) and firmware.

Thanks! I think I found the one that causes the sound- it is my Sequential Prophet 6- it is connected both via audio and USB (and through Plugable 12 in-1 USB Hub) as the external device in Audio Connections. Puzzling thing is that it causes a noise while it is turned off. and when I removed USB cable everything is OK. How come?

Ground loop, or more precisely in your case, no ground. This is very common when using laptops. Your Prophet clearly generates interferences, and since none of your gear is grounded, it has nowhere to escape and is stuck in a loop.

If you are sure the Prophet is properly grounded, with an operational ground etc, and it still makes noise, then try grounding the laptop or audio interface.

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I’ll try.

BTW I found in the Prophet manual

USB can cause ground loops, so try to resolve any grounding issues between
the computer and the Prophet-6. Or use MIDI, which is opto-isolated.