crackling sounds when LE on laptop


I am trying to run Cubase LE4 on my laptop to make recording of a live gig.

Laptop Dell Latitude E4300
Intel Duo 2.4GHz, 4 Gb
Presonus Firebox (1394 Firewire slot)

I have both LE4 and Cubase 4 on my desktop (WinXP, SP3, 2.8 Gb, 2Gb) and they are running smoothly. However when I work on my laptop it produces crackling sounds irregularly once-twice per 2-5 sec. It does so when only in monitoring state or while recording. These crackling sounds are recorded at the tracks. It does not matter how many inputs are monitored or recorded (1 or 4). No insert or send effects. At the same time it plays imported wav files without problem. Project setup 44.1/16 bit, increasing latency up to 60 ms does not help (though decreasing it to 5ms does not make it worse).

The bad thing is that it happens not all the time and I could not find the exact cause of the problem.

Any advice?


See my response to your other post in the C5 and Earlier forum.

I used to have this problem, changing buffer sizes or latency did nothing until I set my laptop to maximum performance rather than power saving mode.

If it’s not your firewire chip set, do you have your wireless network adapter switched on, if so switch it off.

thanks, WiFi was removed from startup and off all teh time