Crash after export is back GRRRRRR

Hi All
scenario .:
after final mix i go to export song from 48khz to 48khz (offline export) after the export,cubase has frozen and nothing works not even minimise window.i had this problem back in version 9.
this problem has only manifested since the latest update i dont know why but it is so .
i have installed nothing else other than the update
whilst we are on this latest update and problems i notice that my asio and system (F12) are both overloading i have to run buffer size at 512+ which is near max on my focusrite 18i20. but not much real estate won (anoying since the project has only 11 tracks (4 stereo + 7 mono)
i wonder if both probs are the same ??

what i have checked so far.
obvious…syncsoft dongle software updated plus the relevant house keeping
windows updated win 10 pro latest build
currently testing to see if the one 3rd party app is the root ( a jbridged tubetech comp ) but have never ever had this problem with this plugin b4 but… we shal see

i can send a crash dump if needed if anyone has time
like i said the export is successful its just after the export i have to close cu base via the task manager then the next restart i get some message box telling me cubase was not shut down correctly and do i want to start in safe mode
this problem was especially annoying because the client was sitting next to me as this was happening thankfully it was only two songs but i had no time to look into this problem as it arose … cant have the client listening to all the profanity’s can we ? :laughing:

can anyone shed some light on these two probs
1 export = fozen app
2 asio meters close to max but no reason why (11 tracks + minimal plugins )

thanks in advance


The crash dump might bring some light into it. Thanks.