Crash and bass drum not beaming together in stem up

I am not able to bring the crash and bass drum notes in one alignment even though they both are on the same beat and for some reason the there are rests placed on the top so I think the crash note is on a totally different stem up? Please help

Have you tried and changed the Notation options to match this ?

no, where can I find this setting?

Library>Notation Options>Percussion

I am on SE version btw, don’t seem to have this option

My apologies (you did not specify which version you had). You would have to upgrade to Elements to do this.

oh, that’s sad, thanks anyways!!

You can edit the drum kit in setup mode. Click on the three dots next to the instrument name and choose edit percussion kit.

Select all the instruments and choose the preferred stem direction.

hi, thankyou for your response, this solved that one problem but messed up the other places as a whole and added more rests, still treating the bass drum as a different stem even though in up direction

Did you accidentally put the bass drum in another voice?

no, all the drums and cymbals are in voice 1, also this problem is only with the cymbals, the drums are aligning together properly

Did you check with the colors too?

View > Note And Rest Colors > Voice Colors

Can you share a cutdown version of this drum part?


how should I send
looks like the voices are different, but in setup they are all in voice 1

Only the hi-hat seems to be in a different voice, if I may…

You can add a cut down version right to a post. In your last post just the hi hat is in a different voice. I don’t know, why and how this happened.

hi, hat crash, ride and other cymbals and woodblocks

ok, so previously all the drums were stem down in setup and cymbals were in stem up, all I did was write the parts and force stem up which made that happen, now I have made all the drums stem up too (in setup) and this has solved the problem

but this gives me the question, what if I want a different setup in the other bars, example: bass drum and floor tom in stem down and others stem up, will force stem up/stem down hinder the alignment

cut down.dorico (964.8 KB)

In a percussion kit you have to set up the up-down-stem-voices in the edit Percussion kit. You can’t change the voice each bar
You can flip the written stem direction of a beamed group by hitting “f” in write mode.

(The stem direction you set in setup mode isn’t fixed. Its just a “upstem 1” voice or a “downstem 2” voice).

Maybe a picture or description of what you wan’t to achieve would help.

I have followed trinity drum notation, and in that whenever we have parts that have NO bass drum and floor tom and hi hat foot on off beats, they are mostly up stem with the snare and other things, so all the notes with stem up in that bar, but if there are more off beats in the a different bar in the same sheet, the bass drum and floor time and hi hat foot use stem down and others stem up