Crash, bang, boom

This file keeps crashing upon opening.

Come Carolers_CC RECORDING.dorico (1.5 MB)
2023.10.24 (652.8 KB)

The crash appears to be somehow related to the audio engine. Are there also any crash dumps from the audio engine?

Would those be in the same folder? The only thing in that folder are these dumps.

If you use Help > Create Diagnostic Report, Dorico will collect up all the relevant crash dumps.

Sorry, you’d think I’d know that by now. Crashes are very uncommon for me!
Dorico (781.2 KB)

Unfortunately there are no crash dumps contained within that set of diagnostics.

How about now?
Dorico (808.7 KB)

I know it doesn’t solve the problem if you want playback, but I changed my preferences, play tab to never activate the project (playback) and was able to view and edit the piece.

I could already reproduce the issue with Dan’s project on my machine.
And I sent him a modified version which does not crash any more.