Crash because of Loop Mash?

I must say I really like the new features and the look, and firstly, I wanted to share only my enthusiasm, however, I must report this:

I saved and closed cubase 6 project with muted loop mash, 3 unmuted Sonics SE and 1 GA One.
After re-opening the project and after initiating playback cubase crashed with no report except the default win7 info that cubase has crashed etc.

On a second try, I removed the track with the muted(!) loop mash and it worked well.

Windows 7 32bit, q6600, 2gb OCZ DDR2, GA-G31 S2L

yeh, happened here too… reopening project after my first c6 loopmash session… havent touched LM since…

actually, sound like a fun thing to do right now… lay on couch and play with loopmash :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly :wink: I hope it will be fixed in the first update. It would be nice to see some confirmation that this issue is being resolved.

I’ve had the same problem opening projects with loop mash. I have narrowed my crashes down to one particular pre set though, the FM smooth one. Any one else confirm this?


Unfortunately, I was using a different preset. I can’t remember the name though :frowning:


hmmm. I cannot reproduce this one. Could you perhaps post the Cubase project file here together with the system specs ?



I already changed the previous project, but here is one I created from scratch just now, nothing loaded to HS, the hood 92 preset loaded to loop mash and randomly changed. Same crash after reopening the project and starting playback. Thanks!

Win 7 pro with latest updates, 32bit, Q6600, 2GB OCZ DDR2, Galaxy GForce 9600GT, E-mu 1212m, Gigabyte GA 31 s2l

…let me know if any more data is needed.
hmm.cpr (239 KB)

Any progress with this? Can’t see it listed in the bug list yet.

I’ve sent Eckhard 3 crash logs with my projects already so he’s aware of it from my end, he did say he couldn’t reproduce it either.

Sounds like the same thing though, as my experience is the same a the other posters, although I do have video in my projects as I was working on a film.

I’m running cubase 6 x64 by the way.


I’m having this crash as well… makes it quite hard to use LoopMash which is a shame, I will have to start bouncing to audio…

I’m on Win7 64 but using Cubase 32 and my project is quite simple with only a few tracks… the only thing I can do to stop having the crash is to remove the LoopMash VSTi, this one has 3 variation save in a preset and these are triggered on playback by midi note from a midi track…