Crash closing Audio Montage preferences dialog

WL 8.01 always crashes when I close the Audio Montage preferences (“All Audio Montages” tab) window with “ok”, but only if no Audio Montage is loaded (empty Montage workspace). With opened Montage there is no crash.
Can anybody reproduce this?


Never hear about that one. Windows or Mac? 32 bit or 64 bit?

Sorry, forgot to mention: happens on Windows XP 32 bit. Maybe the outdated OS is to blame. I will test it on a Win 7 system also.


Windows XP is no longer supported, for sure.

It is right the same behaviour under Windows 7 32 bit on a different machine, so its not the OS.
Please try yourselve. Thanks!


I can’t reproduce this.

Maybe you can help me:
Please do this:
Press and maintain the Alt key, and using the mouse, open the main preferences.
Now you can see a new tab called “Diagnostics”
Click on “Enable Crash report”.
Quit WaveLab.
Run WaveLab and cause the crash. Send me the resulting crash file.

PM sent. Please remember it only crashes when no Montage is loaded (empty workspace).


Thanks for your help. I can now reproduced. Will be fixed in 8.0.2.

Thank you! Best support like always!!!
BTW, I like WL8 very much. Great software again!