crash crash crash

hello community,

i have a new macbook late 2016 and cubase 9.

when I open plugins like plugin alliance, Farbfilter, autotune it just crashes. how can I find out where it comes from?

every plugin, my apollo and the ilocks are up to date. im getting crash files but where can I find them to copy them in here? Steinberg support is not writing back when I ask for support. :confused: thank you!!

Please note that Cubase Pro 9 is a 64-bit application and only supports 64-bit plugins.

My recommendation is to check that those plug-ins have not been blacklisted by the Plug-In Sentinel (Devices -> Plug-In Manager -> Blacklist). You can reactivate the plug-ins that cause issues under your own risk. By clicking on a blacklisted plug-in, a “Reactivate” button should appear below.

More details about the Sentinel can be found here:

I only use 64 bit plugins…never saw a plugin in my blacklist

Have you submitted a technical support request through your MySteinberg account online?

If not then please submit a technical support request and provide the support team with the Cubase generated crash log files from Documents -> Steinberg -> Crash Dumps (On PC)

For Mac:

– Navigate to the Go menu and holding down the [alt] key, click on Library
– In the Library folder, open the Logs folder and then the Diagnostic Report folder
–> All Steinberg software crash report files are located there.

thank you…Ive done it…hope there will come some help…its so frustrating me

check it step by step, I would start with Plugin-Alliance. :wink:
Which plugins do you use exactly?

Are there really crashes with Fabfilter and Antares?

@Joshua -> I have contacted the support on 26.01. - Crash Dumps included.
(and on 03.02 and 5 days ago)
I have no answer until today.


It crashes mostly when I open the plugin alliance maag eq 4,vertigo comp, Fabfilter pro q, pro l, also crashed with with an Uad Plugin today. It’s so hard. I have to manually Safe everytime before opening a new plugin.

I also contacted the support 2 month ago and didn’t get any reply yet. (It was another problem)

But today I’ve called the service and they told me they know about issues with the new MacBook and touchbar. I hope this bug will be fixed asap and I’ll get a reply soon.

Yes, the crashes prevent any work.

The problems of the MacBook and the touchbar are known Issues.
And there are still problems with some PA plugins.

jamiemusik and schrubbi

I searched both your email addresses and could not find any records of you contacting our US support team. It looks like you are both located in Germany?

Hi Joshua,
yes, thats right, germany (is right for me).
That means, the US support is faster???

I have contacted the support on 26.01. - Crash Dumps included.
(and on 03.02 and 7 days ago)
I have no answer until today.