CRASH Cubase 10.0.15 loading 9.5.41 file SOLVED

Importing a 9.5.41 cpr file into 10.0.15. Works, until audio starts, monitoring main screen, no editor open. A crash each time when a certain audio file starts, at about 15 measures from the start. Other earlier audio files behave OK, sample rates checked, asio guard on or off. … I Removed all plugins, FX busses., still crashes, no log file created. Then it got even weirder; loaded the malfuctioning file in Cubase 9.0.40, and it crashes at the same spot … control/alt/del needed to exit Cubase.

PS experimenting i removed the audio files, the cpr file plays, but it still crashes. There must be something else causing this, as the crash is permanently at exactly the same spot in the file. Sometimes playback continues without audio, and the crash happens later. BTW There are no tempo or time sign settings in the Tempo Track there … i am puzzled.

Found it … an old VST jBridged synth was the culprit …