Crash Cubase Elements 10.0.40 (build 284)

Hello, (first excuse my english, i’ll try my best to write and understand)

My cubase is crashing but I don’t know what causes this.
I have a video to demonstrate an example.

It’s weird because I can record multitracks without problem, but just little editing it crashes instantly.

ELicenser is up to date.
Cubase is up to date.
Windows is up to date.

I don’t have crash dumps folder in my documents and I don’t know how to use Microsoft ProcDump utility.

It worked perfectly some months ago. But now I can’t use it at all. Is it because windows update ?

Thanks for your help.

Hi and welcome,

Attach a crash dump file, please.

You can find it in the Documents/Steinberg/CrashDumps folder.

As I said :

I don’t have crash dumps folder in my documents. I must use Microsoft Procdump utility ?


Then it seems, Microsoft ProcDump is the only way how to get some information about the crash.

Hello !

I never used procdump or never did something similar so, I’m really lost…
I succeded to launch procdump with CMD but… now what, I crashed cubase but nothing happened, what do I must do ?

thank you.

Ok I have some news, while I was trying to figure how to use procdump, I tried another time to crash cubase, but this time instead of just shutting down it leaved me a message. And now I have a dump file. So I guess it’s nice.

Here is the dump file, hope this helps :

Thank you for your time and your help :slight_smile:


Hello again, I found out how to attach “properly” a file in this forum :slight_smile: so if this is more appropriate than the wetransfer link I posted above, here it is !
Cubase Elements 64bit 2020.2.21 (684 KB)


The crash is in the graphic area.

Please try to update your graphic card driver or try to use native Windows graphic driver instead of the manufacturer driver.

Hello sorry for the late answer.

All graphics drivers are up to date, well, Intel HD graphic I can’t update, intel software won’t let me do it because of instabilities.

So to use windows graphic driver instead of manufacturer (i guess nvidia in mycase ?) how can I do it ? Sorry I just don’t want to do it the wrong way.
How can I choose wich graphic card cubase is using ?

Thank you.


I’m sorry, I’m not a Windows guy. Maybe just to uninstall the manufacturers’ driver?

Hello !

I uninstalled nvidia driver, and it seems that it worked.
I’ll try to use it a little longer to see if nothing bad happens.

The problem is I want this to work with nvidia card installed. I’ll do some updates with different versions and diferent parameters.

Thanks again for your help. Have a nice day.


I’m glad it works.