crash cubase when I remove a track ... !


I have a crash windows 7 for cubase when I remove a plug-in or a track from a certain folder in a project … ? :open_mouth:

Did you already have this issue ?


Only for 2 tracks in a folder. I tried to remove input and output bus , I tried to deactivate the track and when I remove it there is a cubase crash and I must to close the sequencer …

I don’t understand

ps : I tried to remove all media no-used and it’s the same …

It’s not very bad because the project runs well in the other functions but I can’t undestand why … ! :nerd:

finally I won by just after delete the track (very quickly !) Ctrl-S to save the project and it ran … cool …

Before this step I remove all plug-ins from the track.

end of the story.