Crash dump posting protocol

Is there an official “protocol” to post crash dumps so that they find their way into the Steinberg engineering team backlog to be looked at? I’ve got a few crash dumps that I’d love to share so they can be debugged.


You can let Cubase to send the crash logs automatically.

Or you can share them here in the forum, in the best case with the description what happened before the crash.

Thanks! I searched the Cubase documentation for “crash” and couldn’t find an option to turn automatic sharing of crash dumps on. How can I make sure this is enabled?

When Cubase starts and a crash has been detected from last time it ran, you should see a dialog with the option to send the report to Steinberg.

Ah, thanks. I was hoping there would be a permanent setting to always and automatically upload crash dumps to Steinberg, but I guess I have to remember to do that every time manually if I get that screen on startup.

Anyway, I’ve uploaded the crash dumps here. Each one of these crashes happened while either in the middle of playing back a Cubase project (not editing anything), or just while Cubase was sitting there open but idling without me doing anything. After a bunch of reboots, these crashes went away, but I lost half a day of productivity :frowning:

Hopefully these crash dumps will help Steinberg fix this!
Cubase 12 crash (1.8 MB)

I should add that my system didn’t change - no new plugins, no updates to anything. They just mysteriously appeared, stuck around for a couple of hours despite Cubase restarts, and system reboots, and then disappeared, again without me changing anything about my system. Hopefully they’re gone for good now.


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

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The crashes are in the iZNectar3 plug-in.

Thanks for letting me know! I’ll reach out to iZotope, hopefully they’ll be as responsive :slight_smile:

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I began a new project for a short film today and Cubase 12 pro crashed 5 times and I can’t figure out why. I haven’t added any additional plugins or such that aren’t already in my template. I think it may be an issue with me having multiple monitors perhaps because the few times it crashed, I clicked a button to bring up a menu, and froze. Other times, I was in mid-recording of an outboard synth, and the video was still rolling, but my editor screens and mix console all froze.

Here is one of the dumps. If this looks familiar I would appreciate the help as this film is coming due soon

Cubase 64bit 2022.12.31 (630.2 KB)

Hi and welcome to the forum,

You have mentioned multiple crashes in your post, but there is only one freeze dump file attached. Do you know, which steps did you do before this exact dip file, please? Could you attach the other DMP files too, please?

This specific DMP file crashes in KORG USB-MIDI Driver. Please make sure the driver is up to date. You can also try to switch to the WinRT MIDI Driver.

Hi Martin, thank you! Here are the other dump files. I am only able to upload two at a time it seems.

Cubase 64bit 2022.12.31 (557.1 KB)

Cubase 64bit 2022.12.31 (2).zip (240.8 KB)

Knowing that it was the KORG midi driver now, I remember that while recording a VST, I did have a patch running through the sequencer on my KORG synth. Doing this, the sequencer activates the midi for whatever reason. I can imagine this cluttered everything up. I think updating the KORG driver helped. But I just disconnected the midi from my synth just in case. During the last few sessions over the weekend, I didn’t experience any problems.

Thank you for your help, Martin.


I’m sorry still the very same crash in the KORG driver. Maybe you should uninstall it, if you are not using it. Or reinstall it (the latest version) as administrator. You can also try to switch to the WinRT MIDI driver.

Thank you for your help, Martin! I was wondering if you can assist me once more.

During a session last night, Cubase froze three times while during playback. I can only imagine the reason might be the number of rack instruments I have loaded. I have 6 running from VEPro, but 4 of which are activated. Then I also have 4 standalone VSTs and 3 Kontakt.

Cubase 64bit 2023.3.3 (1.7 MB)
Cubase 64bit 2023.3.3 (1.6 MB)
Cubase 64bit 2023.3.3 (1.6 MB)

Could you assist with these? Greatly appreciated




All crashes/freezes come from Solar (probably a plug-in).

I see, thanks again Martin.

Hello I have had a similar problem with my Cubeace.
Today I tried to open Cubeace after five or six days and I ecnountered a message saying that a serious problem gas occured. It advises to contact the Steinberg Tech Support.

Can anyone help me with this issue?

Thank you in advance!!!
Cubase AI 64bit 2023.3.12 18.28.dmp (1.0 MB)

According to the crash dump its the “AmpKnob - RevC.vst3” crashing for you which then crashes Cubase AI 64bit for you. Try to remove the AmpKnob - RevC.vst3 from the Vst3 folder then restart Cubase to see if it solves the problem for you.