Crash dumps Cubase AI7

Hi, wanted to work in Cubase AI7 64 bit, see the Steinberg Hub, can open a recorded track, get message “invalid track”, can open it from the Project maps, I can then see the track, but the cursor doesn’t move when clicking on the “play” knob, nor is there any sound. The cursor doesn’t move. received the following message: C:\Users\sandra\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps\Cubase AI7.0.7.2277 64 BIT 2014.9.14 13.09.dmp

Help and suggestions anyone?

Hello Frank,

Please advise what operating system you have installed? If you are running a PC go to Start>Computer>Right Click to select Properties and advise what OS you have.

If you are running a Mac please go to the Apple Icon and click “About this Mac”.

Also do you have any other version of Cubase installed on this operating system?