Crash dumps in thread ,Issues with rendering C12.0.52

Ok .
Since making a template in C12.0.52 containing
3 external inputs
Halion 6
GA se
I am continuingly getting hanging on exit and once in a while a crash dump .
I have set up 20 outputs of GAse and try to render the outputs but no matter what way i try the tracks come out blank , no audio , not even an event to house the audio ,any ideas why ?
Everything else seems ok but the hanging on exit really does bug me . Could any of you look at these dumps please and let me know the issues . thanks
crash (296.2 KB)

After trying various different things with GA ive found it to be very temperamental at rendering if using the individual outs IN SLICE MODE , if you get the render wrong first time you then get blank renders .
At first i thought it was a copywrite of the loops i was using to slice but no , it happens with all loops

So if you load a sample , slice it , drag the arrangement to the GA midi track , loop , assign some pads to individual outs some times it renders and other times it doesn’t .

One of them is in atio6axx.dll, which is discussed in Atio6axx.dll crash - #7 by JuergenP

I think the other is ram related:

00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 heap_corruption!Cubase12.exe+0x0

STACK_COMMAND:  ** Pseudo Context ** ManagedPseudo ** Value: ffffffff ** ; kb

SYMBOL_NAME:  heap_corruption!Cubase12.exe

MODULE_NAME: heap_corruption

IMAGE_NAME:  heap_corruption

FAILURE_BUCKET_ID:  HEAP_CORRUPTION_c0000005_heap_corruption!Cubase12.exe

but it’s beyond my knowledge. Others like @Martin.Jirsak or @JuergenP might be more able to answer?

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So one of the dumps is in the atio6acc.dll library and, as @steve already mentioned you should look into the other thread for a possible solution.

The second dump clearly shows a memory problem, but the dump doesn’t tell enough to get a clear idea what that might be. One test that you could do is to remove the “SoundID Reference VST3 Plugin” and see if that fixes the issue.

It is just a guess but the reason for trying this is the dump file analysis. It shows an exception right after looking for a timestamp for this plugin. Usually dump files scan through these libraries and continue to show traces. In this case it immediately steps out here.

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@JuergenP and @steve , thanks for the pointers , i will do some more investigating today , will try and download an older version of ID to see if that will work and uninstall Adrenaline and find away of installing the driver manually .
Cheers for the pointers

@JuergenP @steve . I’ve uninstalled Adrenaline and using an older version of ID which seems to have cured the hanging issue , i must add that HiDPI was also active, which i disabled as i’m only using Dvi monitors but the rendering for Groove Agent is still hit and miss , the large project of 20 outputs will just not render which is a pita . will try to make a different template